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You are currently connected to the site edited by the ART-TG (Accélérateur de Recherche Technologique en Thérapie Génomique - INSERM US35 Unit) which is located at: 

30, rue H. Desbruères, 91100 CORBEIL-ESSONNES



The editorial director of the website is Dr. Anne GALY,


All pages are hosted by Wix Inc.

Adresse : 500 Terry A François Blvd San Francisco, CA 94158

Téléphone : +1 415-639-9034. 

Legitimate Photo copyright:

Images and illustrations online are the property of Inserm unless indicated otherwise

Use of texts and images:

The user of the ART-TG website undertakes to respect the intellectual property rules of the various content offered on the site, namely:

  • not to reproduce, summarize, modify, alter or redistribute without prior authorization;

  • not to copy all or part of the site onto another site or an internal company network;

Logos and images may not be changed in their proportions, colors, elements, constituents - and may not be the object of any transformation, animation or other process.

The ART-TG Logos may only be used with agreement to illustrate duly established partnership relationships or actions.


Establishment of hypertext links to site: 

ART-TG authorizes the establishment of hypertext links to its site for all sites, excluding those disseminating information that may affect the sensitivity of the greatest number.

The link should lead to the home page of the site and appear in a new window. 

Personal data 

No personal data is collected on this site. Only non-nominative navigation data may be collected with the sole purpose of enabling us to analyse the number of visitors to our information pages in order to improve their contents.


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