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International excellence in gene therapy with the biocluster GENOTHER

Mai 19, 2023

ART-TG / Inserm is proud to be part of the gene therapy biocluster GENOTHER, one of the 5 bioclusters announced by the french government France 2030 plan.

Piloted by Genethon and founded by Genethon, Genopole, AP-HP, Inserm, Université d’Évry Paris-Saclay, Spark Therapeutics, Yposkesi, GENOTHER is at the forefront of gene therapy research, development and healthcare.

This international biocluster will develop state-of-the art platforms and will bridge research, with industrial development to address patient needs. It will develop the next generation of gene therapy products, will innovate in bioproduction, will deploy its clinical research capacity and will train the next generation of specialists and stakeholders in the field of gene therapy.

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